rconNET streaming suspended
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    rconNET streaming suspended

    Unfortunately we had to suspend streaming access for rconNET users.

    The rconNET plugin hasn't been properly updated to work with Battlefield Hardline, causing wrong players being streamed to our database.

    We are technically not able to just disable Hardline servers from streaming via the rconNET plugin.

    So in order to preserve database integrity we had to block rconNET from streaming.

    We know this is a drastic measure, but unfortunately we did not see any other option to protect our database since we warned the rconNET developer about this, but have not received a response at all.

    We suggest all admins using rconNET complain here: http://rconnet.de/viewtopic.php?f=29...p=27444#p27444

    When rconNET fixes their plugin, we will unblock them.

    In order to keep using Metabans, we also suggest to temporary start using Procon and the official Metabans plugin.
    You can find help setting it up here

    With regards,

    Metabans Staff
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