Also ppl should look into their profiles and set their follow-filter.

Every (imo) good admin who is adding a player to his ban list at Metabans should use useful tags in the banreason.
Example: If somebody wants to ban players for teamkilling then he should use "TK, teamkilling" ect in the reason.

Metabans is a very great way to sort the admin "power" in clans.
- The clan leader sets up the main account where their servers are running on and only him have access to that Metabans account(!).
- All admins have to create their own account.
- The clan leader now follows every of his clan admins.
That way leader can:
- see who banned who and why
- revoke the admin power of a admin by "un-following" that admin in case of troubble with him
- add a new admin by simple following him

imo awesome.