What is Metabans?

What is Metabans?

== What is Metabans? ==
First and foremost, Metabans is a database and process/mechanism desgined around the goal of giving game server admins and owners a powerful and easy way of sharing banlists for game-servers We are not a global banlist and Metabans does not ban anyone. Secondly, Metabans can also be used as somewhat of a research tool to look up suspicious players or troublemakers and find out what other admins might have said about the player in question. It is important to note that metabans is NOT a global banlist. Admins can enter their own bans into the system and apply only their own bans to their own servers if they so choose. If admins find that they "trust" the bans of certain other admins, they can choose to follow (or apply to their own servers) the bans issued by selected other admins.

== What is needed to make metabans work? ==
You will need to have an RCON utility installed on your server which will do the following:

- continuously monitor the server

- stream player identifying information from your server to the database at metabans.com

- retrieve/receive information from metabans.com identifying whether or not any of the players currently in your game server are on your banlist or a banlist that you are following.

- kick any players that found to be in your game server AND on a banlist you subscribe to.

== Support for Metabans ==

*'''Procon''' - http://www.phogue.net/forumvb/showth...?2043-Metabans
*'''BigBrotherBot''' (B3) - http://forum.bigbrotherbot.net/plugi...tabans-plugin/

Your rcon tool not listed? Nag your current rcon developer to implement support for [[API|Metabans API]]. We promise it's not hard

== How does it work? ==
An example of how the process would come together to ban a player would be as follows:

- Two admins of different servers (Admin_A and Admin_B) have rcon tools configured on their servers to stream to metabans and both admins have accounts at metabans.com.

- Admin_B has elected to "follow" any bans issued by Admin_A on metabans.com

- CheaterDude player joins Admin_A's server

- The rcon tool on Admin_A's server "sights" CheaterDude and records his identifying player-account information into the metabans.com database. This is done automatically (part of the streaming via an rcon tool)

- Admin_A issues a ban (in the metabans database) for CheaterDude.

- CheaterDude is kicked from Admin_A's server and join's Admin_B's server

- The rcon tool running on Admin_B's server monitor's CheaterDude joining and streams his information to the metabans.com database. As a part of this data exchange, CheaterDude is identified to the rcon tool as a player that has been banned by an admin (Admin_A) who the owner of this server (Admin_B) has chosen to "follow" for banning purposes.

- After determining CheaterDude is on a banlist that should be followed for this server, the rcon tool kicks CheaterDude from Admin_B's server.

In the near future, it is expected that bans will be able to be "streamed" to metabans.com through the Rcon tools instead of relying on admins to visit http://metabans.com and issue bans via a browser interface.


Metabans ONLY makes bans on servers that are being followed... NOT globally,

so if admin A bans a player and admin B is following then the player will by kicked from admin B's server BUT can play on admin C's server who is not following admin A

A player can appeal to Admin A to remove the ban OR admin B to stop following admin A 'cause he's a noob' or just play on admin C's server because the bans are not global


Ok so we know how it works...But 1 noob admin bans someone because they think a player is hacking.....then u all use that ban to ban that player...that makes u all noob admins......who oversees these bans?

pb and ggc wont take 3rd person views so how can u say a player is hacking....

It's just an admins opinion ive been banned/kicked and im not on ur list but I could have been and I dont hack....

Re-think the appeals or how do u appeal?
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