What it means to follow accounts on Metabans

Many users do not understand what following an account on Metabans means.
This post is going to explain exactly what it is and what it does.

When you follow a user on Metabans you will receive 2 things from them:
1st - You will receive feed updates of that account
2nd - You will receive all bans that user has submitted, unless you use the keywords filter.

If you follow i3lack on Metabans and i3lack decides to ban XpKiller for being a n00b. You will then inherit that ban from i3lack.
So when XpKiller decides to join your server he will be kicked because you inherited i3lack's ban.

Following accounts means you take on the responsibility of accepting their bans too. So anyone they ban will end up being kicked from all your servers as well.

Keyword filter:
On the account settings-page you'll find the "Followed Bans" Tab. On this page you are able to add keywords to filter the bans from the accounts you follow. If you only want to inherit bans for cheaters, you add keywords like:

Take a look at the ban-reasons from accounts you are following and add those keywords to your list.
This way you filter out bans you may not approve or are not appropriate for your server, like for instance "High Ping" & "Lagger".

Please remember: following accounts on Metabans is not a game. You need to realize that you may be banning good and legit players because you are following accounts who are childish, ignorant and lazy (AKA Madmins).

We strongly suggest you do research before following ANYONE!

Here are some accounts we suggest following to get you started.

The accounts listed above are all staff-members of Metabans and ban solely for hacking / cheating.
These accounts go above and beyond to prove a user is cheating or hacking and 98% of the time they provide solid evidence.

We're not saying: don't follow other accounts.
We are, however, saying all Metabans Streaming Admins should look at who they are following and double check if they really want to follow those accounts.


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